iPhones are about to get darker.Image: justin sulivan / Getty Images By Karissa Bell2019-04-15 23:06:16 UTC If you’re a fan of dark mode on just about every device you own, you’re really going to like the next version of iOS. That’s because iOS 13, the iOS update expected later this year, will finally add a system-wide dark mode, according to a new report from 9to5Mac.  According to 9to5Mac’s sources, the

Lyft bike-sharing will soon be available in NYC through the same app you order cars.Image: lyft By Sasha Lekach2019-04-15 22:27:18 UTC Bike-sharing is coming to the Lyft app for New Yorkers. Starting in May, Lyft-owned bike-sharing company Motivate will offer its Citi Bikes directly through the Lyft app. Citi Bike has 12,000 bikes available in NYC, though this past weekend some 1,000 of the electric-assist bicycles available for rent in

Google’s Pixel 3 starts at $800. How much cheaper would budget versions cost?Image: lili sams / mashable By Raymond Wong2019-04-15 22:02:56 UTC New Pixel phones might be just around the corner. Weeks ahead of its annual I/O developer conference, Google’s put up a teaser on its store website insisting “on May 7, something big is coming to the Pixel universe.” The teaser section is accompanied by a video for a

Image: FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images By Morgan Sung2019-04-15 22:02:31 UTC France’s iconic Notre Dame cathedral is engulfed in flames, and officials let Trump know that his suggestions were not helpful.  Completed in 1345 after nearly 250 years of construction, the centuries-old cathedral caught fire on Monday. The exact cause is still unknown, but according to the BBC, officials say recent renovation work could be linked to the blaze.  Horrified onlookers watched

Amazing.Image: Sina Ettmer  /  EyeEm / getty By Jack Morse2019-04-09 00:05:06 UTC The first thing you want to do when you pull a USB drive off someone allegedly lying their way into presidential hangout Mar-a-Lago is plug it in your computer. Oh, wait, maybe don’t do that? A woman by the name of Yujing Zhang was arrested on March 30 attempting to bluff her way into Donald Trump’s private Florida

Just driving along with way less information that other autonomous vehicles.Image: wayve By Sasha Lekach2019-04-08 22:04:32 UTC Why weigh down a self-driving car with a lot of sensors, HD maps, and equipment when you don’t have to? That’s the philosophy of British startup Wayve. It claims it only needs a camera, GPS tracker, and a powerful computer to be able to drive anywhere autonomously.  But experts who specialize in sensing

A satellite image of Burning Man in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, now under threat from a Bureau of Land Management proposal.Image: DigitalGlobe/Getty Images By Chris Taylor2019-04-08 21:28:49 UTC Donald Trump’s main policy initiative involves building a pointless wall across miles of empty desert. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that one local chapter of his administration has proposed doing the same at the annual arts and

Agent Michael Scarn probably dancing to “my strange addiction”Image: nbc By Nicole Gallucci2019-04-08 19:58:24 UTC The Dunder Mifflin crew has made it to the Billboard charts, thanks to 17-year-old singer, Billie Eilish. For those who have yet to hear Eilish’s recently released debut LP, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, a track titled “my strange addiction” samples audio straight from the NBC comedy. Specifically, the song references

By Morgan Sung2019-04-08 19:49:15 UTC FAFSA has everyone scouring their social media accounts.  If you’ve attended college, you’ve probably had to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or a FAFSA, which is basically a set of documents asking the government for funds to help out with tuition. Because you need to “prove” your need for financial aid, “I’m telling FAFSA” became a meme to respond to people

Image: James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images By Morgan Sung2019-04-01 22:07:36 UTC Justin Bieber has stopped crying in public long enough to announce his soon-to-be parenthood. Don’t get your hopes up – it was a terrible prank. The singer conveniently revealed his wife Hailey Baldwin’s pregnancy on April Fools’ Day, posting a sonogram dated  Feb. 2. The screenshot lists 8.3 cm, which is right in the ballpark for a three-month-old fetus, according