5 Benefits of Dark Chocolate Granola

Chocolate Granola

Nothing feels better than waking up to chocolate for breakfast. It even gets better with dark chocolate granola. What makes dark chocolate granola unique is its infusion of cocoa powder, which gives it more oxidant power than regular chocolate granolas. Therefore, make the day’s most important meal enjoyable and reap nutritional benefits by adding dark chocolate granola. It is crunchy and the perfect addition to the morning yogurt or an afternoon snack. Eating dark chocolate granola comes with numerous benefits. Here are five of them.

Reduced Blood Pressure

According to various studies, eating dark chocolate is linked to reduced blood pressure. Therefore, combining dark chocolate and granola has more effect in lowering blood pressure. The medicinal element called flavonoids stimulates the endothelium responsible for the relaxation and contraction of blood vessels to produce Nitric Oxide that reduces blood pressure. Therefore, eating dark chocolate granola is an inexpensive way of lowering blood pressure for individuals with hypertension.

Prevents Cell Damage

Dark chocolate is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Antioxidants play a vital role in preventing tissue damage by free radicals. These are elements created in the body as byproducts of metabolism for pumping more blood during stress. Unfortunately, too much production of free radicals causes cell damage. Therefore, antioxidants help prevent the excess production of free radicals. Dark chocolate granola is also beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s disease because of its ability to defend against cell damage. The antioxidants also have anti-inflammatory aspects that prevent vascular inflammation.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Many cardiovascular disease patients die yearly, the most contributing factor being high blood pressure and cholesterol. Scientists suggest that eating a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in flavonoids can help prevent the risks of cardiovascular disease. In that case, dark chocolate and granola make the perfect combination for decreasing the risks. Long-term food consumption indicates a low mortality rate among cardiovascular disease patients. Therefore, consuming an adequate amount of dark chocolate granola prevents the chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

Aids in Weight Loss

Eating granola made from dark chocolate is a good way of reducing weight. Chocolate contains saturated fatty acids that help improve metabolism and burn calories. It also mitigates cravings, reducing your need to overeat food. On the other hand, granola contains a lot of fiber that provides the “full” effect. It means you don’t feel hungry quickly after eating, eliminating the problem of overeating. Therefore, if you want to lose some weight, you must add dark chocolate granola to your diet.

Protects the Skin

Dark chocolate and granola contain calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and vitamins. These nutrients come with antioxidants which help protect the skin against UV rays. They also nourish the skin, increase collagen production and reduce inflammation. Therefore, add dark chocolate granola to your menu for healthy skin.


There is enough evidence that dark chocolate granola has numerous health benefits, including the ones discussed above. However, paying close attention to your daily intake is vital to ensure you are taking the recommended amount of nutrients. You will enjoy a delicious breakfast or midday snack and reap all its benefits simultaneously.