How Long Does A Laptop Last?


Unsure about how long your laptop should last? Or are you thinking about whether it’s time for an upgrade? In this guide, we will discuss a laptop’s average lifespan.

A laptop’s lifespan depends upon several factors.

  • What kind of hardware components the laptop has.
  • The tasks you perform.
  • How much care is given to the device?

This guide will discuss how long laptops should last and how to prolong your laptop’s lifespan.


A laptop’s hardware is an essential factor in determining a laptop’s average life.

High-Quality processors, GPU, and RAM will cause the laptop to last longer and stay relevant to modern tasks for a longer time.

So logically, you can say expensive laptops will have a longer life. The more you spend on a laptop, the more you can expect it to last.

Cooling plays a vital role in a laptop’s lifetime. If a laptop overheats, it can damage the hardware of a laptop.

Here is a general assumption of how long a laptop will be usable based on its price:

  • Below $700: 2-3 years
  • Between $700-$1,000: 3-5 years
  • Above $1,000: 5-7 years

Again this is only an assumption another influential factor is how you use and maintain it.

The Tasks You Perform

The more challenging tasks you perform on your laptop (such as gaming, video editing, graphic design, etc.), the more its lifespan will decrease.

On the other side, performing less burdensome tasks will prolong its life (such as email, web browsing, etc.), and it will remain operable for a longer time.

A mid-range laptop will last around 3-5 years, depending on the hardware components and what tasks are performed.


Better care = Better lifespan

In 2010 I bought a $900 mid-range laptop.

I used the laptop for gaming, video editing, and graphic designing.

By 2014 the laptop was irrelevant to the latest applications. It could not run the newest video games and lacked the performance required for a good video editing experience.

Although I could still perform less demanding tasks efficiently and due to my carelessness, the laptop’s motherboard died even after a repair; it only lasted two days.

If I had taken care of it, the laptop would’ve lasted a few years. So it would help if you took great care of your laptop, increasing its life.

How To Prolong A Laptops Life

  1. Clean your laptop’s internal components every few weeks.
  2. Prevent eating or drinking near your laptop.
  3. Upgrade your laptop’s RAM and Storage Device.
  4. Take good care of your laptop cooling ( get it checked if it’s overheating)
  5. Don’t overcharge your laptop.

Following this can make your laptop last longer and save you from an upgrade.

When Should You Upgrade Your Laptop

Applications Are Taking Longer To Load

If your laptop takes a long time to open up new applications, this is a sign. In recent years applications are becoming more demanding and have a high minimum requirement. If you want to run them, consider an upgrade.

Older Operating System

If your laptop is not running the latest OS, you are not getting the regular updates that help keeps your device safe from threats such as malware. Updates come with security improvements and bug fixes to give you a better experience.

Startup And Shutdown Are Slow

If your laptop takes a massive amount of time to boot up, it indicates that it may be living it’s last days. There are many programs set to start up when the laptop is turned on, and your system is unfit to run them properly.

Multitasking Issues

An upgrade is needed if a computer has problems running two or more programs at once. The main issue is insufficient RAM which can’t handle multiple programs and causes the system to lag or even crash.


The main factors affecting the lifespan are the components and their use. If taken good care of, a midrange laptop can last more than four years. When buying a new laptop, consider how much time you want it to last and pick a computer accordingly. Typically expensive laptops contain high-quality, more efficient hardware, making the laptop last longer and staying relevant to the latest software.

Abdul Rehman Sudais

About the Author: Abdul Rehman has a background in Artificial Intelligence. In his writing, Abdul Rehman helps people solve unfamiliar and complex life situations so they can grow. His hobbies include gaming and grappling.