5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Bar with Video


Promoting your bar can be tough, especially if you only recently opened and you are still trying to attract a regular clientele. Whether you serve food and drinks or beverages only, you need to know how to leverage video to draw locals to your bar and boost your business effectively.

Fortunately, you can use video to successfully promote your bar even if you don’t have a degree in video marketing. Let’s take a look at five ways you can use video as a bar owner or marketing manager.

Video Ads to Your Website and Bar

Firstly, don’t discount the effectiveness of video ads can bring to your bar promotion campaign. For example, PPC or pay-per-click video ads:

  • Are engaging with local customers
  • Showcase your bar, its atmosphere or ambiance, and amenities better than static or image-only ads
  • Allow individuals to click straight to your website and menu

In many ways, video ads are the standard ad type for modern businesses. You can put video ads on either Google Ads or on social media profiles, like your Facebook profile.

If you want to save a bit of money and really capture the heart of your bar for locals, you can create your own video with video templates. PosterMyWall’s video templates let businesses of all types, especially restaurants and bars, make high-quality video content quickly and easily for posting on social media or for using with PPC Google ads.

Social Media Videos

Above, we mentioned how ad videos can be effective for drawing people to your site and real-world bar. But you can put those videos on social media platforms, especially Instagram.

In fact, your bar should already have an Instagram page. You can regularly post pictures of your beverages, your food, or your bar aesthetic to draw locals to it. But you can also post video ads or candid videos on Instagram and increase engagement across the board.

Instagram is very suited for video ads and content of all types. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the types of video content you can post and then start making it to make your Instagram profile boom. As you post more video content on Instagram, don’t forget to engage with people who like your posts or who ask questions. Social media engagement is good for consistently bringing new people to your bar over time.

Custom Slideshows – Social Media Posts or Digital Signage

Slideshows are great ways to draw new customers to your bar, whether you place them on your Facebook page, on your Instagram profile, or on your website itself. Slideshows can include brief clips of people enjoying themselves at your bar interspersed with static images, like plates of delicious food your chef whips up each night.

Luckily, making slideshows for your website or for your social media pages is easy. PosterMyWall can hook you up with a custom slideshow maker. Just plug in your existing video footage and/or still photographs and you’ll have a bar-ready slideshow good to go in a matter of minutes.

Chef Interviews

If your bar also serves food, you can increase engagement and make your bar look like a great place to grab a bite if you do some video chef interviews. Video chef interviews let potential diners see the guy or gal behind your bar’s meals and get to know their perspective, inspiration, and more.

This is a really great video marketing tactic if your bar serves special foods, such as unique cuisines or blended foods that merge different traditions into culinary delights. This type of video content is also excellent for making your bar seem like a down-to-earth, casual place where anyone can walk in and have a great time.

Recipe Videos

Last but not least, consider shooting a few recipe videos and posting them all over the web, especially over your social media profiles. Recipe videos are popular since:

  • They are engaging and entertaining to watch, especially if they’re hosted by your bar’s chef
  • They allow people to try out your recipes at home before visiting your bar for the real thing
  • They’re a form of authority-boosting content, which can be difficult to create for a restaurant or bar

Authority boosting content is even better if your bar is open in a competitive market, particularly during the earliest days of operation. Just be sure to keep a few recipes secret for those customers who do decide to make a trip and see your bar up close and personal!

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can use videos for bar promotions. Get creative, don’t hesitate to demonstrate what makes your bar unique and great, and remember to use video templates and slideshow creators to make the process easier for you. Good luck!