Who knew endoscopies could be so much fun? Image: screenshot: level Ex By Rachel Kraus2019-07-01 20:10:14 UTC Sam Glassenberg is no doctor, but he was happy to perform a colonoscopy before a crowd of hundreds in Los Angeles this June. “This polyp is attached to a blood vessel, so if you try to remove it, it bleeds,” he explained. Blood gushed while the crowd winced and moaned. No, Glassenberg was

By Jack Morse2019-07-01 20:05:05 UTC [embedded content] Shed a tear for Dave Clark.  The Amazon senior vice president is having a bad day after a television show he likes, Last Week Tonight, called his company to account for the way it treats its warehouse workers. Can you believe the gall of host John Oliver? Dave Clark is a fan, after all.  Clark made his displeasure known via Twitter, where he

By Proma Khosla2019-07-01 19:47:27 UTC [embedded content] Aziz Ansari is dropping a surprise standup special with Spike Jonze on Netflix. Though the special’s immediacy is surprising, Ansari has spent months returning to performing and touring standup, after a 2018 hiatus instigated by accusations of sexual misconduct. Ansari was accused of inappropriate behavior during a date in a widely contested exposé on babe.net in January 2018 (the site has since folded

There are many films that have explored the theme of computer hacking, but what did Hollywood think viruses looked like back in the ’90s? (Photo by Murray Close/Getty Images) Image: Getty Images By Bitdefender2019-06-25 00:31:13 UTC If you know how to protect your mainframe from the backdoor trojan worm that’s duplicated the virus code malware drive in the reboot server, uh, code, then this article isn’t for you. If it

By Sage Anderson2019-06-24 21:36:28 UTC Some fans are not happy with the new dub Netflix put on Neon Genesis Evangelion.  It’s a time-honored media pastime at this point to bend over backward in order to avoid describing gay relationships as, well, actually gay. Just look at these gal pals! Just a couple of guys being bros! Those aren’t lesbians, they’re, uh, cousins.  But there’s a difference between an animation studio

By Heather Dockray2019-06-24 21:25:16 UTC It’s Pride Month, the time of year when corporations do their very best to prove just how supportive they are. Rainbows are everywhere: in clothing stores, on public storefronts, and on nearly every brand logo on Twitter. And while some of the profits from specialty Pride merchandise do go to worthy nonprofits, other brands donate a paltry amount, and some merch is simply used to

By Morgan Sung2019-06-17 23:38:50 UTC Many YouTubers aspire to buy mansions. Elijah Daniel raised the bar and bought Hell.  Kind of.  The vlogger and comedian known for his crude humor and music tweeted about buying the town of Hell, Michigan on Monday. He noted that renaming the town to Gay Hell was a tongue-in-cheek response to the Trump administration’s ban on U.S. embassies flying rainbow flags in honor of Pride

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