Why Sitecore OrderCloud is the best eCommerce platform for Enterprise eCommerce businesses?


Enterprise eCommerce businesses are thriving with customers and profits. As of February 2022, the retail eCommerce sales worldwide are USD 4.9 trillion. Enterprise eCommerce platforms are in huge demand due to the increasing market for eCommerce.

This is where Sitecore OrderCloud comes in. It is one of the best choices for developing a customized eCommerce platform for enterprise eCommerce businesses.

First let us understand what is Sitecore Order Cloud.

What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

Sitecore OrderCloud is an API-first platform with headless integrations, built for the sole purpose of solving complex business problems for marketplace and eCommerce businesses. Using ordercloud Sitecore, you can create a dynamic platform and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.

You can also develop multiple business models and ensure long-term success as Sitecore offers limitless customizations, endless flexibility and scalability. Through ordercloud, you can start future-proofing your eCommerce business.

What makes Sitecore OrderCloud the best choice?

Sitecore OrderCloud is a very flexible for designing a solution based on the unique needs of your business. Why is it the best choice? It is because:

All business models are supported by it

B2C, B2B, marketplace, retail franchise, or a combination of multiple business models, all are supported by Sitecore OrderCloud. The possibilities are limitless. This allows your business to evolve and adapt according to the needs of the market and helps you streamline your business operations.

Capabilities of multiple features

Through Sitecore OrderCloud, you get multiple features such as complete customization, increased scalability, integration, flexibility, better order management, and a cloud-native infrastructure. Through this you can provide enhanced experiences for your eCommerce customers.

Allows multiple vendors

An eCommerce marketplace platform requires multiple vendors to be onboarded. It also needs vendor management features for administration, tracking and analyzing activities, transactions, offers, etc. For this, you can create multiple functions and features through Sitecore OrderCloud.

Suitable for large number of products and frequent updates

OrderCloud allows your eCommerce marketplace platform to be able to handle over 6 million products. Frequent updates on prices, products, sellers, vendors are supported, which gives your business flexibility and scalability.

Can handle multiple languages and currencies

As per the location of your business, you can configure multiple currencies and languages in your platform. If your business is in multiple countries, you can configure currencies and languages according to each and every location. You can set multiple prices and languages for the same product.

Additional benefits of having Sitecore OrderCloud

  • Product, Vendor, Order Management

For your eCommerce business, you can set up Product Management, Vendor Management, and Order Management. You can streamline all three operations and their processes. This will help you to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Reduced cost of ownership

Thanks to the MACH architecture, API-first nature and headless integrations, individual functions can be independently developed and deployed. This way you save a lot of money and can focus more on other business functions.

  • Faster time to market

The time to launch your product in the market decreases as Sitecore OrderCloud helps you with complex back-end functionality. You can focus on core user experience and the implementation of your business and quickly launch in the market.

  • Complete customization

You get the freedom to completely customize your eCommerce platform with Sitecore OrderCloud. You choose the design, the functions, the capabilities, everything. This will ensure customer retention as you can develop the platform based on your target’s needs.

  • World-class security

As the eCommerce industry deals with a lot of consumer data, be it demographic, geographic, or financial data of the customers, data security is very important. Sitecore OrderCloud is audited every year for SOC Type 2 with HIPAA controls and it is also compliant with GDPR and CGPA. Also, all platforms are facilitated with PCI compliance.

  • Headless architecture

The headless integrated architecture means whenever you make changes to the back-end, the front-end will not be disturbed. This is one of the main specialties of Sitecore Order Cloud. When you are making any updates or changes to your platform, the front-end and the user experience does not get disturbed.

  • Cloud-native infrastructure

The implementations of the platforms built on Sitecore OrderCloud are on Microsoft Azure. The cloud-native infrastructure makes your eCommerce platform highly flexible, responsive and scalable. This way your customers will get faster loading time.

When it comes to enterprise eCommerce businesses, Sitecore OrderCloud is the top choice for building a robust, dynamic platform.