List of the mobile apps that are booming productivity for students


COVID-19 pandemic has put the activities upside down with its wave. School and college buildings are closed but education is still on. Students and teachers are using apps and platforms to carry ahead their programs. Mobile apps for students are now booming worldwide. 

A true help this pandemic 

It is true that students are using varied types of smartphones and mobile applications for entertainment purposes. These apps are now a medium for their studying. Teachers are also taking the help of these online mobile apps to create different services. 

Providing users with the best programs

Android and Apple phones are providing users with the best programs as well as apps for college students. They offer with informative as well as useful features. Mobile apps and its usages are boosting the process of studying among students. 

Here are lists of the mobile apps that boost productivity to its next level. 

  1. Oxford Dictionary: This is a mobile version of the real Oxford dictionary. It helps students to have good and perfect view of meanings of tough words as and when required. They do not have to take their dictionary out and turn the pages to find out the word. 
  2. Office lens: It is a mobile app that works for Microsoft. It takes pictures of the documents, whiteboards, blackboards, magazines and receipts. There is also a shareable and editable texting region. It can read the images of the events from an angle by cleaning up the glare as well as the shadows too. It helps students a lot to collect notes and prepare assignments.
  3. Google Drive: Google Drive offers with unlimited storage of documents, pictures, images, notes and many other files which exceeds the limit of 25KB. It is safe and offers with classy storage facility for all. 
  4. Evernote: Evernote is one of the powerful tools useful for note-taking. This app boasts wide arrays of features that allow you to dig out the most of your school, college or university learning. Study becomes little easy where online classes do not reap boredom. 
  1. Todoist: Todoist is another tool which helps you to manage time. This app combines in it the efficiency with simplicity. It also takes into notice the various task-keeping features. It creates reminders, and set diverse priorities on your task list. 
  2. Dropbox: Dropbox is one of the biggest features which take into notice the biggest features that help students to store their daily work with ease. They can even share them among their friends as and when required. It also helps in uploading and downloading different files at any point of time. There is no chance of getting lost with the notes and files.

If you find that COVID-19 is disturbing your study plans, try out the best mobile apps for students offer with classic features so that students do not face any problem when they are busy preparing for their examinations. Mobile apps are used to prepare flashcards, create citations, mind maps, and also create worksheets that work efficiently.