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Like Lyft, Uber CEO wants more riders on scooters, bikes

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is all in on bikes.Image: Michele Tantussi/Getty Images By Sasha Lekach2018-08-27 22:03:30 UTC Uber is a ride-hailing app, but lately it’s become an app for riding an electric bike or scooter, renting a car, and even checking when the bus is coming. In an interview released over the weekend in the Financial Times, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi emphasized his goal of turning Uber into a diverse

Car rental options pop up again for ride-share drivers, but it's still not worth it

Lyft partners with Avis for more car rental opportunities for drivers.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images By Sasha Lekach2018-08-06 22:11:14 UTC The same story line kept coming up in the early days of ride-hail driving apps: I leased a car to drive for Uber or Lyft, and it ended up costing me too much. That repeated problem and a bad business model led to the end of Uber’s Xchange Leasing program in

Uber's self-driving truck program is done

Otto started Uber’s self-driving truck program. Now it’s all over.Image: ANGELO MERENDINO/AFP/Getty Images By Sasha Lekach2018-07-31 00:22:40 UTC Uber’s self-driving truck program feels like it just took off, but after a court trial and several major leadership changes, it’s been a long road to a dead-end announced Monday.  Back in 2016, Uber acquired Otto — former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski’s self-driving truck startup — and Uber’s self-driving truck program was

'Vomit fraud' is here to make your Uber ride even worse

Well this is not good.Image: Boogich/getty By Jack Morse2018-07-24 00:37:33 UTC It looks like Uber rides just got a lot more expensive.  A new ride-hail scam is hitting the news and, if you’re not careful, it’ll hit your wallet, too. It’s called “vomit fraud,” and it’s as awful as it sounds. According to the Miami Herald, which spoke with several passengers about the particularly soggy shakedown in question, it works

Ride-hailing app drivers can livestream your ride — and it's often legal

Dash cam videos from Uber and Lyft rides make it online constantly, like this one showing Uber rides in Australia. By Sasha Lekach2018-07-23 21:58:25 UTC It’d be one thing for your Uber or Lyft driver to record your trips in their car — but it’s another thing entirely when your driver posts that footage online. If you don’t think that’s happening, you probably haven’t heard the recent story of Jason

Holding weed? Your Uber driver can get you banned from the app

Disclosure Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Buzzkill.Image: Boogich/getty By Jack Morse2018-07-09 22:35:33 UTC Your Uber driver is not your friend. In fact, they may very well be narcing on you right now — and you could get banned from the ride-hail app as a result. The company’s Community Guidelines strictly

Here's the aspect of self-driving car testing that's not dominated by Apple or Google

A Cruise vehicle is spotted in San Francisco.Image: Dllu/wikimedia commons By Sasha Lekach2018-05-21 22:31:59 UTC Last week, Apple’s secretive, self-driving car project got some attention for adding more cars approved for testing in California. But despite the company’s big name and the heightened curiosity over the iPhone-maker’s foray into autonomous vehicles, the winner here is not the company you’d expect. We looked at the past few months of reports from

Self-driving Uber that killed pedestrian reportedly didn’t realize she was human

New details have been reported about problems with Uber’s self-driving car software and object detection.Image: uber By Sasha Lekach2018-05-07 23:09:15 UTC The 49-year-old woman struck and killed by a self-driving Uber vehicle in Arizona earlier this year was detected by the autonomous vehicle’s sensors, but the car didn’t avoid her due to an improper software setting, according to a Monday report from the Information.  Elaine Herzberg was hit on a

Uber acquires electric-assist bike-share company Jump

The dockless e-bikes from Jump are now part of Uber.Image: sasha lekach/mashable By Sasha Lekach2018-04-09 22:55:43 UTC Uber is making a big push into bicycles.  The ride-hailing company announced Monday it was acquiring bicycle-share company, Jump. The San Francisco-based company known for its red frames with a battery-powered boost had partnered with Uber for the past few months in San Francisco. Uber Bike is sticking around. Now Jump and its

Intel used fatal Uber crash footage to show what its self-driving software would do

Intel’s Mobileye shows how its response system would have evaluated the moment right before the Uber crash, detecting different shapes and distances.Image: intel By Sasha Lekach2018-03-26 23:11:46 UTC After a self-driving Uber crashed and killed a woman walking her bike across a Tempe, Arizona, road last week, the technology behind autonomous vehicles has been questioned and scrutinized. Intel, the company behind the driver-assistance software Mobileye — which is used in