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Why banning the sale of smartphones to kids is a bad idea

Why talk when you can text?Image: Silvia Otte/Getty Images By Jack Morse2017-06-20 00:02:09 UTC Kids and their smartphones … amirite?  Parents around the world are acutely aware that once a child gets his or her tiny hands on a cellphone, it’s practically impossible to pry those sticky little fingers free. And, we’re told, this is unhealthy and bad.  So what if we made it illegal? This is the thinking behind

Toddler tries to get rid of her shadow and fails miserably

By Brian Koerber2017-05-09 00:58:16 UTC [embedded content] Describe the concept of a shadow to a toddler. It isn’t so easy.  After repeatedly yelling “get off” at her shadow, this little girl took a more  hands-on approach, and attempted to stomp on it and slap it away. Unfortunately, that didn’t work at all.  Go to Source Author:Brian Koerber Powered by WPeMatico