What your Instagram posts might reveal about experiencing depression

Image: Shutterstock / KatePh By Rebecca Ruiz2017-08-08 00:00:00 UTC Whether you realize it or not, you leave a trail of clues about your mental health on social media. Emerging research suggests that words, characters, and even emoji can reveal information about people’s moods and mental well-being.  That might seem obvious when it comes to explicitly emotional posts, but information about mental health can be embedded in even the most standard

Google employee who wrote disgusting manifesto identified

Google has been rocked by one employee’s racist manifesto.Image: Jeff Blackler/REX/Shutterstock By Karissa Bell2017-08-07 23:52:01 UTC We now know the identity of the Google software engineer who authored the anti-diversity “manifesto” that went viral inside of the company.  Motherboard, which first reported the existence of the document Saturday, just published a version of the memo that contains the author’s name, as well as all of the citations he linked to

7 things that somehow lasted longer than Anthony Scaramucci in the White House

393 Shares See ya, Mooch!Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images By Nicole Gallucci2017-07-31 23:13:11 UTC “How to lose a guy in 10 days?” The age-old question has finally been answered. Simply make the dude work for President Trump. But, seriously. Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump’s newly announced White House communications director, lasted a mere 10 days in his new role. He technically hadn’t even started yet — his official start date was supposed

Spotify subscribers grow to 60 million as rumors about going public heat up

The dominance of Spotify in the streaming music space continues to grow, as the company revealed new subscriber numbers on Monday: 60 million.  That figure is up 10 million from March, the last time Spotify released subscriber numbers.  SEE ALSO: Kanye is reportedly cutting ties with Tidal once and for all That massive jump in just a few months couldn’t have come at a better time for Spotify, as rumors

Which one of you purchased the $109 Arcade Fire fidget spinner?

Image: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images By Chloe Bryan2017-07-31 22:30:58 UTC Arcade Fire, the band everyone was mad at last week for an obnoxious (and quickly abandoned) concert dress code, released a $109 fidget spinner Monday in conjunction with its new album, Everything Now. What’s more, the USB spinner, which comes with a download of the album, sold out in what seemed like moments. This begs the following question: Who did this?

How Google is trying to fix Android's emoji problem

Android emoji as seen on Samsung devices.Image: Emojipedia By Karissa Bell2017-07-25 01:00:36 UTC Android has an emoji problem. No, it’s not those weird blobs (RIP), but something that’s been nearly as tricky to fix. Because of Android handset makers’ inconsistent updates, not only do many Android users not get new software updates in a timely manner, they don’t get new emoji at the same time as their iPhone-using counterparts. While

Your flight times could be cut in half thanks to NASA's supersonic tech

By Brett Williams2017-07-25 00:51:05 UTC NASA is working to bring supersonic speeds to commercial flights in the United States, which could cut travel times in half. The key? Keeping the noise down.   The agency has a design for a new supersonic jet meant to reduce the effects of sonic booms to a much less noticeable “quiet thump.” It hopes to take bids from aircraft manufacturers starting in August to

Google tests autoplay videos in search, because we aren't allowed to have nice things

Image:  Happy Stock Photo, shutterstock  By Adario Strange2017-07-25 00:32:46 UTC One of the most hated features of the 2017 internet — autoplay videos — may soon be coming to anyone (i.e. nearly everyone) who uses Google to search.  At least that’s the look of things based on a new test Google has been rolling out in recent days that puts autoplay videos in the Knowledge Panel (which appears to the

Jared Kushner says a fake Guccifer tried to extort the Trump campaign for Bitcoin

The Kush.Image: REX/Shutterstock By Colin Daileda2017-07-25 00:13:06 UTC Jared Kushner — prince of the United States and future savior of the Middle East — wants you to know that not all computer crazies worked to help his father-in-law during the 2016 presidential campaign.  The Kush sat before investigators in Congress on Monday to talk about his meetings with Russian folk leading up to last year’s election, and he wanted the