Paul Walker's mom to Vin Diesel: 'You lost your other half'

Image: Getty Images By Saba Hamedy2017-04-10 22:49:34 UTC Vin Diesel, like all of us, is still feeling the loss of his late Furious franchise co-star Paul Walker. In an interview with Sirius XM’s Maria Menounos, the actor said he thinks of Walker — who died in a fatal car crash in 2014 — often. “There wasn’t a day, there wasn’t a scene, there wasn’t a second where I didn’t have Paul

Why it's totally possible this group of hackers is the CIA

Longhorn = CIA?Image: Sierakowski/REX/Shutterstock By Colin Daileda2017-04-10 22:34:10 UTC To folks at the cybersecurity firm Symantec, the hacking group they call “Longhorn” has always seemed like a state actor.  The group has hacked 40 “targets” in 16 nations, according to Symantec. Longhorn has gone after governments as well as groups involved in finance, energy, telecommunications, education and much more.  “All of the organizations targeted would be of interest to a

Soon you'll be able to make payments using WhatsApp in India

Image: BRITTANY HERBERT/MASHABLE By Manish Singh2017-04-04 04:52:16 UTC Amid demonetization in India late last year, mobile wallet apps such as Paytm and MobiKwik emerged as the big winners, reporting astronomical growth. But the biggest challenger yet is about to join the race.  WhatsApp is India’s most popular instant messaging app, and they’re introducing person-to-person payment solutions in the country, according to a report on The Ken. The company is in

Someone tried to mail a box of deadly horrors to Australia, and geez it's creepy

No. No thank you.Image: australian border force By Johnny Lieu2017-04-04 03:52:11 UTC Working in customs comes with the risk of unearthing pretty awful things. For example, Australia’s Border Force found a host of spiders and snakes in a box marked as “2 pair shoes,” mailed from Northern Europe — because Australia doesn’t have enough spiders and snakes already. The shipment was discovered on Mar. 14 when officers in Melbourne x-rayed

North Carolina fan really sinks her teeth into supporting the Tar Heels

Did her dentist sign off on this?Image: David J. Phillip/AP/REX/Shutterstock By Sam Laird2017-04-04 03:06:22 UTC Maybe painting your teeth is the new painting your face?  You might have seen the photo above pinging around Twitter during Monday night’s national championship game between Gonzaga and North Carolina.  Here’s what we can tell you: The North Carolina fan in question is named Michelle Mottinger, and the photo was taken by David J.

It's official: Trump just made your personal data seriously less secure

You got one.Image: POOL/EPA/REX/Shutterstock By Ariel Bogle2017-04-04 02:38:03 UTC Donald Trump’s legislative achievements during his first months in office have been somewhat light, but here’s one that should trouble everyone on the internet. As promised, the president signed a bill Monday repealing a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirement that your internet service provider ask permission before tracking and selling your data. The privacy changes enacted during the Obama Administration were

Little girl shuts down a salesperson who asks her to choose a different doll

By Jerico Mandybur2017-04-04 02:19:29 UTC One’s a doll and one’s a human child, but they’re both doctors and they both rule. Clearly.  Sophia, a 2-year-old South Carolina girl, impressed her mum (and now, the whole internet) by shutting down some BS at the toy store, when her choice of doll was questioned by a grown-up. Stupid grown-ups!  As her mom, Brandi Brenner explained on Instagram over the weekend, Sophia took

Chris Hemsworth would like you to get out of his shot, thanks

Thor the photobomber.Image: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images By Johnny Lieu2017-03-28 01:00:39 UTC He may not be on set, but Chris Hemsworth would still prefer people not step between him and the camera. Any camera. The Australian actor posted an amusing photo of his friends Luke Mun and April Mun posing with beers in hand by a pool on his Instagram Monday.  Little do the pair know, but Hemsworth is effortlessly photobombing

Your favorite 'Westworld' scene-stealer will have a much bigger role in Season 2

“These violent delights have violent ends.”Image: hbo By Laura Prudom2017-03-28 00:46:25 UTC There were plenty of memorable characters in Westworld Season 1 — but one guest star made a huge impression on viewers despite only appearing in a few scenes, and it looks like the showrunners were paying attention. Louis Herthum, who played Peter Abernathy — the “father” of Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores — in Season 1, has been promoted

Night Shift is now available on your Mac so you can finally get some damn sleep

It’s so bright!Image: Stephen Lam/Getty Images By Jack Morse2017-03-28 00:38:43 UTC It’s hard out there for a keyboard jockey.  Thankfully, Night Shift is here to save the day (er, night).  Spending long hours staring at a computer has its ill effects, one of which being that the blue light pouring out of the screen is thought to wreak havoc on people’s circadian rhythms. This in turn makes it harder to