Yo ho! Here's a clever way to build your very own Captain Jack Sparrow costume!

Captain Jack Sparrow once said, “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.” Truer words have never been spoken because sometimes treasure comes in the form of a pile of old clothes. In this episode Dustin McLean transforms that pile of old clothes into a DIY costume worthy of everyone’s favorite pirate! Visit CineFix on YouTube for more episodes and movie-related content.  Go to Source Author:Angela Paviera Powered by WPeMatico

Ataribox crowdfunding plan is a giant, flapping red flag

Image: atari By Adam Rosenberg2017-07-18 00:27:49 UTC Be concerned, Atari fans. At this point, there’s only one fact about Ataribox that matters, and it didn’t come from either of the vague press releases issued so far. As Eurogamer discovered in a June investor note, the console will be crowdfunded. “To limit risk taking, this product will initially be launched within the framework of a crowdfunding campaign,” the note — translated

Man hilariously discovers the Harry Potter book he's reading is actually adult fan fiction

By Brian Koerber2017-07-11 00:23:59 UTC The Harry Potter series is basically mandatory reading for kids growing up. But don’t worry — if you missed your chance to read the books as a kid, it’s never too late to start. Just, uh, make sure you buy the real thing. Shelley Zhang recently had to have a tough conversation with her friend, Chris Chappell, who had a bit of a mishap while

Alec Baldwin isn't done roasting Donald Trump on 'SNL' quite yet

Image: nbc By Laura Prudom2017-06-26 23:50:03 UTC Hold on to your bronzer, folks — Alec Baldwin has confirmed that he’ll be reprising his POTUS-baiting impersonation of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live next season. “Yeah, we’re going to fit that in. I think people have enjoyed it,” Baldwin told CNN, before noting that his busy schedule will limit his SNL appearances in the fall, prompting him to liken his upcoming

Yes, Carrie Fisher would have wanted us to know about the drugs

Carrie Fisher and her constant companion, the French bulldog Gary, at a signing for her final book last November.Image: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock By Chris Taylor2017-06-20 01:11:24 UTC There’s a wonderful sight gag in Postcards from the Edge, the movie based on the novel based on Carrie Fisher’s life. The Fisher character, just released from drug rehab, is in the kitchen having an argument with her mother. Personifying her cleaner-than-thou attitude, the mother

Watch the open-world antics of a zombie-filled 'Days Gone'

[embedded content] During Sony’s E3 conference in LA today, Days Gone made a very gritty appearance that may or may not have included a zombie bear. We’ve already seen gameplay clips and trailers focused on the protagonist — a bereaving lover and otherwise seemingly stone-cold-mercenary by the name of Deacon St. John — and the many, many hordes of zombies you’ll be facing in the game. But today we got

Find out what Sony's got for E3, live, right here

By Tina Amini2017-06-13 00:59:35 UTC [embedded content] We’ve already heard from EA, Ubisoft, Xbox, and Bethesda. Now it’s time for Sony’s big E3 show. We’re expecting some trailers or news on Spider-Man, Days Gone, God of War, and some new announcements. And probably some worthwhile indies, if previous E3 conferences are any indication. Go to Source Author:Tina Amini Powered by WPeMatico

ESPN's big bloodbath appears not quite over yet

Changing times for a sports giant.Image: Greig Cowie/REX/Shutterstock By Sam Laird2017-05-02 01:26:54 UTC Almost a week after the main bloodbath, we’re still learning about ESPN personalities laid off by the sports broadcasting titan as it restructures.  And by the sound of things, still more names could be yet to come. Last Wednesday, ESPN announced the elimination of about about 100 public-facing talent positions — that is, people whose words you

Sean Spicer doesn't watch Melissa McCarthy's perfect 'SNL' skits because he's sleeping ¯_(ツ)_/¯

By Erin Strecker2017-04-18 00:25:17 UTC Being spoofed on Saturday Night Live is a time-honored tradition and most politicians — of both parties — realize, at minimum, the PR advantages of appearing to be in on the joke. Not so for White House press secretary Sean Spicer.  At the Easter Egg Roll Monday, Spicer was questioned by CNN about the latest Melissa McCarthy sketch spoofing him this past weekend (see also: