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Please… stop. This… is… too… long.Image: marvel studios By Alison Foreman2019-03-25 23:19:50 UTC Prepare your butts! Avengers: Endgame is gonna be one long-ass movie.  As revealed by AMC (and seemingly confirmed by Fandango), the final installment of the Avengers franchise will clock in at 3 hours and 2 minutes, making it the longest film in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. Disney has yet to officially confirm the news, but Mashable has

Our ‘Derry Girls’, Orla, Clare, Erin, Michelle, and the ‘wee English fella’ James.Image: Channel 4 By Rachel Thompson2019-02-26 00:01:00 UTC An inaccurate — and extremely irritating — TV and film stereotype is doing a disservice to the women of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  Often, in TV and films, female characters from the island of Ireland are portrayed as victims. But, Derry Girls — which returns to screens

By Shannon Connellan2019-01-21 19:35:18 UTC [embedded content] A brand new teaser for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part dropped on Sunday, featuring the debut of a character based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Although the pioneering Supreme Court Justice didn’t voice the character, USA Today reports she agreed to the use of her likeness — she’ll even reportedly be released as an official Lego figurine for the film’s release. “These

Blizzard confirms second canonically queer 'Overwatch' character

Soldier 76 is the latest confirmed LGBTQ ‘Overwatch’ characterImage: blizzard By Jess Joho2019-01-07 23:34:31 UTC In a newly released short story, Blizzard confirmed yet another major Overwatch is canonically LGBTQ. And we are ready for him to get a fabulous rainbow skin in the next update. Though Ana is the protagonist of “Bastet,” it was the macho military man Soldier 76 (aka Jack Morrison) who got a bombshell backstory reveal

This 'Infinity War' tune was the throwback jam of 2018

Hey y’all, prepare yourselfImage: marvel/tidal By Chris Taylor2018-12-31 21:33:32 UTC 2018 was a year that cried out for a simple, effervescent throwback tune we could use to forget our present troubles. No one could have guessed we’d find it in a movie that was all about the successful eradication of 50 percent of humanity.  But that’s exactly what happened this May when Avengers: Infinity War topped the movie charts, and

Kevin Spacey tweets bizarre video after sexual assault charge

What.Image: Daniel Zuchnik / getty By Jack Morse2018-12-24 19:22:27 UTC Hot damn 2018, we didn’t think you could get any weirder. But oh man, were we ever wrong. In what has to be one of the most bizarre PR moves of all time, disgraced actor Kevin Spacey released a three-minute YouTube video in which he appears to role play as Frank Underwood — his former part on House of Cards

We have a lot to learn from Megan Fox's #MeToo comments

Megan Fox feels excluded from #MeToo. That matters.Image: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images By Jess Joho2018-12-11 00:23:55 UTC There’s a lot to celebrate about the voices amplified by #MeToo. There’s also a lot to learn from the voices who still feel uninvited to speak or unheard when they do. In a new interview with the New York Times, former Transformers star Megan Fox addressed why she hasn’t joined the numerous other

No, 'Friends' isn't leaving Netflix, despite reports

Image: Ken Towner/Evening Standard/REX/Shutterstock By Proma Khosla2018-12-03 21:38:11 UTC Despite what you may have heard, Netflix is not removing Friends – at least not yet. The panic started when users saw a note of imminent expiry next to Friends on the Netflix mobile app, but Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos told The Hollywood Report that it’s a rumor. We’ve had scares like this in the past, like when The Office was

This trailer for Adult Swim's 'The Shivering Truth' is the freakiest thing you'll see today

By Alison Foreman2018-11-26 23:04:13 UTC [embedded content] And you thought stop-motion animation was creepy on a good day.  From Robot Chicken to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adult Swim programming has become notorious for its cartoon insta-nightmares. Their newest series, The Shivering Truth, appears to be shepherding that legacy into a whole new league of horrifying.  Created by Vernon Chatman, an Adult Swim alumnus, the stop-motion project has been described as

Jimmy Kimmel shares childhood drawing of late Stan Lee alongside dozens of stunning fan portraits

Image: bob al-greene / mashable By Alison Foreman2018-11-12 23:35:13 UTC The death of Stan Lee, age 95, has been felt by many, but the loss has been particularly profound for the many fans-turned-artists who were inspired by Lee’s legendary career. In the wake of Lee’s passing, as notes of honor and remembrance have flooded social media, stunning portraits of the renowned comic-book writer have stood out. Many of the tributes