Lazy bear in hammock is inspiration to everyone doing nothing on Labor Day

By Marcus Gilmer2018-09-03 21:22:52 UTC [embedded content] Ah, Labor Day weekend, the last best chance to get outside for some warm relaxation before fall ends our days and nights of lounging in the yard. Bears get it, man. Hibernation is right around the corner and they want to just lay back and take a nap in the shade while they can.  One homeowner recently learned this when she found a

The before and after dorm meme makes fun of over the top makeovers

By Morgan Sung2018-08-27 21:57:56 UTC Seeing excessive dorm room makeovers fills me with a rage I can’t quite describe. Thankfully, there’s a meme that pokes fun at super extra before and after posts.  Everyone knows that college dorm rooms are sad, barren spaces for nightly existential crises, not glamorous Instagram-friendly #goals photo ops. After all, you’ll stay in a room for less than a year. Do you really plan on

Use this interactive foliage map to plan your fall road trips

Image: Shutterstock/Jane E Karelas By Chloe Bryan2018-08-27 21:27:08 UTC It might be one thousand degrees and 450 percent humidity now, but autumn is closer than we think. And with autumn will come beautiful fall foliage. If you’d like to do some leaf peeping this fall, consider checking out the 2018 Predictive Fall Color Map from Using an algorithm involving historical temperatures, precipitation, leaf trends and forecasts, the map predicts

Why you should block big corporations on Twitter

Image: vicky leta/mashable By Heather Dockray2018-08-20 21:46:15 UTC This is You Won’t Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team. Nothing feels better than blocking an obnoxious branded Twitter account — whether you’re doing it to spite Alex Jones, to protect yourself from insidious marketing, or some combination of the two. Look at what’s happening on Twitter, for example. As we

Make playlists when you travel for nostalgia-filled mixes of your trip

Image: Getty Images/Westend61 By Morgan Sung2018-08-13 23:59:14 UTC This is You Won’t Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team. Making playlists is a lot like journaling. I used to journal religiously — every night for almost ten years, I’d pick up a pen and fill dozens of notebooks with a recap of my day. I burned through almost 20 notebooks

Trump once referred to Nepal as 'nipple' during a meeting

Other Trump gaffes include calling Bhutan “button.”Image: Olivier Douliery/getty images By Morgan Sung2018-08-13 22:17:51 UTC Welcome to another day living under the Trump administration. According to a Politico report published on Monday, during a 2017 briefing to prep for a meeting with the prime minister of India, President Donald Trump called the country of Nepal “nipple” and laughed when he referred to the country of Bhutan as “button.”  Trump’s cultural

Barack Obama and Joe Biden got lunch together, because some bromances never die

By Brian Koerber2018-07-30 23:48:22 UTC Sometimes good things really do last. Former president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden grabbed a quick and casual bite for lunch in Georgetown on Monday — and the libs were in love with the idea that the two still chill. Honestly, most people in D.C. were just looking for any form of distraction. According to the Washington Post, the two decided to have lunch

Someone created a 250-pound gummy pizza for some unknowable reason

By Amanda Luz Henning Santiago2018-07-30 22:44:20 UTC [embedded content] Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bite into a gummy pizza with a 6-foot diameter? No? Me neither, but hey, here we are. Vat19 created was it calls the world’s largest pizza, along with its own handcrafted box. Derek “The Gummy Bear Guy” and Jamie spend the first three minutes of the video constructing the mold for

Trump declines request to lower flags for Capital Gazette shooting victims

President Donald Trump disprespecting the American Flag.Image: Getty Images By Brian Koerber2018-07-03 00:59:10 UTC President Trump declined a request to lower the American flag in memory of the five victims who died in a shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis last week, according to the publication. Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley asked that the flags be lowered at federal government buildings, but his request was denied. Trump has ordered

Stabilized GoPro footage from a roller coaster looks like an alternate reality

By Chloe Bryan2018-07-02 22:05:07 UTC [embedded content] During a recent trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, YouTuber and skydiver Jeb Corliss took GoPro Fusion video of himself riding Goliath, a large and very fun-looking roller coaster that apparently reaches speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. (I have not ridden this roller coaster. I am jealous.) After the ride, Corliss stitched his footage together and stabilized it.