A satellite view of Burning Man and its many camps.Image: DigitalGlobe/Getty Images By Chris Taylor2019-02-12 00:31:30 UTC Burning Man, the annual weeklong arts and culture event in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, prides itself on the principle of “radical inclusion.” But that may no longer apply to exclusive camps for wealthy attendees that offer luxury amenities while fouling up the environment.  In a blog post this weekend titled “Cultural

By Harry Hill2019-02-04 21:57:19 UTC [embedded content] People that take their eggs over hard will love this. When the temperature in Minnesota dipped to a chilling -27 degrees Fahrenheit last week, a YouTuber decided to see what would happen if he cracked some eggs open. Of course, like everything else that goes outside during the polar vortex, the eggs freeze. But the outcome is still super interesting to see, considering

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By Morgan Sung2019-01-21 20:51:21 UTC Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ tweet honoring Martin Luther King Jr. is not going over well.  In a tweet, the White House press secretary wrote that King “gave his life” for the civil rights movement, and that “our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice.”  Here’s the thing: King didn’t give his life. He was assassinated four years after he was blackmailed by the FBI;

An 18-inch pizza has more pizza than two 12-inch pizzas, and people are losing it

By Morgan Sung2019-01-08 00:29:33 UTC Are you ready for a mindblowing revelation? If you’re splitting pizza with friends, you’ll technically get more bang for your buck by splitting one 18-inch pizza instead of ordering two 12-inch pizzas.  It sounds counterintuitive, but Fermat’s Library did the math: An 18-inch pizza has 254 square inches of “pizza,” while two 12-inch pizzas only have about 226 square inches.  People were understandably confused —

Amazon sends customer a picture of their package mid-air

By Marcus Gilmer2018-12-31 19:03:23 UTC As the holidays wrap up, so, too, do the constant deliveries. But not before one Reddit user got quite a surprise: Amazon’s picture-proof alert for his delivery captured his package in mid-air, flying toward his front door.  That’s quite a toss, to be honest, and even better photo-capturing skills. And for those skeptical that maybe the package is just wedged into the door for a

15 festive yule log videos perfect for every type of person

By Amanda Luz Henning Santiago2018-12-24 14:00:00 UTC Ah, the yule log!  A time-honored American tradition, the yule log first began in 1966, when local New York news station WPIX had a 90 minute-long slot it needed to fill on Christmas eve, according to Quartz.  The station’s president suggested filling the time with footage of a burning log with holiday music looming in the background, as a kind of Christmas card

All hail the drag Hormone Monstress dancing to 'bubble bath'

By Morgan Sung2018-12-18 00:53:58 UTC Bubble baths are everything, and this drag queen gets it. Connie, the chaotic Hormone Monstress from Big Mouth who loves a good, hot bubble bath, is the mentor we all wish we had during puberty. Drag queen Miss Toto brought the animated walking disaster to life in an incredible performance in Miami.  In the viral video posted to Twitter, Miss Toto opens her number with

Send your exes' worst texts to  SheRateDogs and laugh through the pain

“Dump him.”Image: Bettmann Archive/getty images By Morgan Sung2018-12-17 22:09:41 UTC There are few places more supportive than a public bathroom full of drunk girls, and SheRateDogs is the digital version of that. If you’ve ever had the beautiful experience of being in a women’s restroom in a bar or club, you’ll understand how emotionally validating total strangers can be. Random women will bombard you with compliments on your makeup, helpfully

UPS is getting dragged for a super Scrooge-y tweet

UPS played the Grinch card on Twitter and faced quite a backlash.Image: Getty Images By Marcus Gilmer2018-12-17 14:06:00 -0800 We’re not sure who slipped something nasty into UPS’s egg nog on Sunday, but the shipping company is facing backlash over a tongue-in-cheek tweet that went a bit too far into Grinch territory. The now-deleted tweet was posted Sunday afternoon and read like something Scrooge McDuck would dictate.  Image: mashable screenshot