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By Proma Khosla2019-06-10 21:58:05 UTC [embedded content] Anton Yelchin was just 27 when he died due to a horrible accident at his L.A. home. Though he was known best as an actor, the trailer for the upcoming Love Antosha makes clear that he was much more, and that he left behind a rich body of work and legacy that still resonates deeply with those who knew him. Love, Antosha, directed

By Adam Rosenberg2019-06-10 21:45:42 UTC [embedded content] Apple’s mysterious TV+ service just added one more series, and it’s from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator Rob McElhenney. Mythic Quest is a video game-centric comedy starring McElhenney as Ian Grimm (that’s pronounced EYE-an Grimm), the creative director behind the most popular online role-playing game in the world. This first look teaser gives a taste of what to expect and, well, if

By Heather Dockray2019-06-10 21:44:37 UTC Instagram has always been a safe haven for book lovers, a place where people can show off their private libraries full of white oak bookshelves, novels organized by color, aloe plants, and inspirational coffee mugs.  But there’s a deeper, stranger, and far murkier part of book Instagram, known colloquially as “Bookstagram.” Here, you’ll find some of the platform’s more eccentric thematic offerings — a satirical

Image: Ubisoft By Adam Rosenberg2019-06-10 21:15:00 UTC Here’s Ubisoft’s pitch for a games subscription service: pay $15 a month, get absolutely everything. The service, called Uplay+, will be a PC-only proposition (for now) when it launches on Sept. 3. Users will get immediate access to a library of more than 100 games — Ubisoft titles of the past and present — as well as all their attendant add-ons and downloadable

Disclosure Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. A Google Cloud outage left Shopify stores out of action.Image: Getty Images/EyeEm By Johnny Lieu2019-06-04 00:39:12 UTC A significant outage on Sunday caused a host of online services to go down, including Snapchat, YouTube, and Gmail. The Google Cloud outage also caused problems with

Apple CEO Tim Cook looks on proudly at the new Mac Pro.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images By Sasha Lekach2019-06-03 22:14:28 UTC At its annual WWDC developer conference on Monday, Apple showed off new iOS features (including dark mode), unveiled iPadOS, and finally revealed its long-rumored Mac Pro.  Oh, and the company officially killed iTunes. Here’s everything Tim Cook and friends revealed at WWDC.  iPhone users can expect better maps and camera

By Morgan Sung2019-06-03 21:37:17 UTC The UK is pushing back against Trump’s visit by reminding him of his approval numbers and invoking the name of his longtime political critic.  Led by Donkeys, a group that often puts up guerilla installations protesting politicians who support Brexit, took a stance against the American president’s state visit by projecting messages across various London landmarks.  Most notably, the group projected an image of a

Tim Cook and co. brought the goods at WWDC 2019, but there’s always room for improvement.Image: apple By Alex Perry2019-06-03 21:00:24 UTC That’s a wrap, folks. Apple’s gargantuan WWDC 2019 keynote is in the books, and it was a doozy. The iPhone maker unveiled major new features for iOS, macOS and the newly renamed iPadOS. Apple also showed off a $6,000 cheese grater that’s also a very powerful desktop computer.

Image: WOLONG NATIONAL NATURE RESERVE/HANDOUT HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock By Alison Foreman2019-05-27 23:58:19 UTC Thanks to a group of Chinese researchers and a rare genetic mutation, we’re discovering that the world’s best bear can get even more adorable. On Sunday, scientists at Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China released a photo of an all-white, albino giant panda — believed to be the first of his (or her) kind known to human researchers.