October 23, 2018

Get ready for an explosion of Alexa-powered headphones

Disclosure Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Image: ullstein bild/Getty Images By Pete Pachal2018-10-23 01:00:00 UTC Get ready for the Alexa headphone explosion. Up till now, there haven’t been too many headphones that integrate Amazon Alexa. There are certainly some you can buy — from high-end noise-canceling cans that fit over

Sarah Silverman said she let Louis C.K. masturbate in front of her, with consent

Sarah Silverman tells Howard Stern she used to let Louis C.K. masturbate in front of her.Image: Getty Images By Johnny Lieu2018-10-22 23:31:21 UTC Sarah Silverman used to let Louis C.K. masturbate in front of her, she told Howard Stern in an interview on Monday. While C.K. has been somewhat eviscerated for doing the same thing to other women, as per a New York Times story last year which he later

Here's why you should make your bed every morning

Mom was right all along.Image: Getty Images By Morgan Sung2018-10-22 22:53:33 UTC This is You Won’t Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team. Making my bed was the one chore I hated the most, but I’ve learned that it’s one of the best tools to tackle my depression.  Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house until I made

YouTube promises creators more transparency and expanded features

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki just announced a number of new updates geared towards creators .Image: SASCHA STEINBACH/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock By Matt Binder2018-10-22 22:19:06 UTC YouTube wants its creators to know that the company hears them loud and clear. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki published her latest letter to creators on Monday, discussing the company’s priorities for the rest of the year. While the bulk of the letter covered the threat Article 13 in

Car heist video reminds Tesla owners that relay attacks are still a thing

Yeah, about that.Image: Stefan Gruber / getty By Jack Morse2018-10-22 22:10:59 UTC The crooks definitely haven’t forgotten.  Despite a rash of publicity last year warning Tesla owners of the risk, yet another unlucky individual appears to have fallen victim to a so-called relay attack — losing his pricey electric car in the process. In surveillance video published to YouTube (embedded below), it seems thieves can be seen amplifying the signal